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7th Annual
Men & Women In Religion/Community 

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The Charmettes, Incorporated is a non-profit social service organization, full of dedicated women, committed to enriching the quality of life for as many as we can serve. The Charmettes, Inc. was established in 1951 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our Founders, Charmette Gwendolyn Baker-Rogers and Charmette Frankie Drayton Thomas, recognized the need to bring together civic-minded young women with similar ideas and ideals. Today there are approximately twenty chapters located in the United States and Nassau, Bahamas.

Our National Project has been education awareness, research, and eradication of cancer. In 1981, our organization adopted the Howard University Cancer Research Center in Washington D.C. Thus far, with the help of supporters like you, we have donated approximately $500,000.00 to the Center. In 2007, an Infusion Suite on the campus was established in honor of one of our founders, Charmette Gwendolyn Baker Rogers.

Locally, our commitment to service is exemplified by providing educational scholarships to deserving students, donating to local Cancer Research, the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation, the Lupus Foundation and participating in numerous other charitable activities as stipulated in Section 501C3 of the Internal Revenue Code. On behalf of the Broward County Chapter of Charmettes, we appreciate you!

President Dr. Bennie Moultry

Our Founders

Gwendolyn Baker Rodgers was born to Portia and Oscar Baker in West Palm Beach, Florida. Frankie Drayton Thomas was born in West Palm Beach, Florida to Iola and Frank Drayton.



Our Charmteen Program delivers life-changing experiences that will inspire girls to be strong, smart, and respectful. 


Supportive Ancillary Care

As part of our Cancer initiative, The Charmettes Inc., of Broward County, FL, have a Supportive Ancillary Care Program.


The Charmers

In 1957 that the Palm Beach County Charmettes began to refer to our spouses and significant others as CHARMERS.